Too Soon

Biggest WTH week in the history of what the hells.

Families who don’t talk politics learned each other’s secrets via live news broadcasts. And it broke their hearts right before it broke the Internet.

Comedians gave eulogies of the country instead of making the nation laugh.

Social media made everyone their own authors, editors and publishers. People’s tones changed.

We scold each other and give unsolicited advice.

Some hide behind keyboards and that’s not right.

Some take to the streets and that’s not right either.

And some, I assume, are good people.

The divide grows.

The knots in our stomachs tighten.

It is not getting better with time.

There is too much content and not enough substance.

There is just too much crap.

The word pussy went main stream. Hate trumped love.

There is just too much hate.

Some people haven’t said anything and we can assume they are at peace.

Others we haven’t heard from.

We should probably check on their wellbeing.

I find myself hoping there’s an underground railroad.

I hope I don’t have to use it.

Pictures of kittens and dogs help.

However briefly.

Us: We’re afraid of the clown.

Them: Ah, c’mon, clowns aren’t scary.

Us: Yes, yes they are. We have seen Poltergeist.

It’s too soon to be ok if you aren’t.

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