Hashtag black lives matter.

Hashtag all lives matter.

Hashtag women’s reproductive health doesn’t matter.

When he phones a friend, he’s calling the depths of actual hell to build his cabinet.

Even Ben Carson told him, bye Felicia.

Did Bannon really call feminists dykes? That. Is. So. Cliche.

Time to write some new content, weirdo.

Hashtag build a wall, hashtag ban them all.

Hashtag suddenly he won’t mess with the gays.

Hashtag do I trust him? Hashtag no way Jose, he’s a bad hombre

No reason to love they neighbor.

Every man for himself. Time to build a bunker. Hashtag doomsday preppers was a brilliant show.

Hashtag actually no lives matter.

Hashtag that’s not the Twitter botton, that says “nukes”on it Donald

Hashtag none of it matters.

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