Editor’s Note: This is from a Facebook post I wrote the Saturday before the 2016 Election. 

I hate to be the person who talks about why the other guy shouldn’t get our valuable one-vote each. But I’m going to with a little story about narcissistic personality disorder.
People with NPD have seriously damaged those I love. They’ve left them broken hearted, cheated on and confused. They’ve told lies about them and placed blame on them. It’s been difficult to see a good, trusting person pick up the pieces of having been gaslighted, taken advantage of, and left when they no longer served a purpose.
My own narcissist got me with her “I’ll giveth and I’ll taketh away” approach to employing those of us with just enough talent – and just enough insecurity – to believe our best interests were at heart when they weren’t. Especially if we no longer served a purpose for their agenda. I saw this over and over again but never believed it until it happened to me.
If you see yourself as the little guy and are attracted to the GOP candidate’s promises to make things better for you, I pray that I’m wrong about him if he wins. And I pray that you change your lens and see your own value so you don’t fall for the empty promises. Of anyone. Ever again.
Because of the NPD’s award winning personality and boisterousness, we can all get sucked in. We can admire their willingness to say things with shock value and “to hell with being PC.” But in the end, a person with NPD doesn’t care about you or me or the country. They care about themselves. Period.
This whole election has been like one big trigger for me. My run-in with a narcissist didn’t end long enough ago for the GOP Candidate to not appear like a ghost of recent past.
I do realize that I’m not going to change anyone’s vote and honestly, if you say you’re undecided I don’t believe you. I think you know who you’re going to vote for even if you haven’t reconciled it with the rest of your values.
And, that’s OK. It’s your vote to cast the same way this was my story to tell.

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